Whatever type of website you have, one of the crucial aspects of enhanced site reputation is adding ratings and reviews of your users, and customers to your website. A proper rating and review system is undeniably one of the best ways to not only gain more visitors to your site but also convert them into sales. Moreover, if you have a community or a social networking website, allowing your members to add reviews about each other can be a fruitful way to engage members as well as bring more members to your community.
Keeping in mind the power of reviews for BuddyPress powered community websites, today we will tell you how you can allow your site members to add reviews for each other in a WordPress community website.

Benefits Of Displaying Reviews On Your Website.

Let us now discuss the advantages of displaying reviews on your community website:

1. User Interactions

Giving your site members the power to add reviews for other site members improves interactions on your BuddyPress community. When members review and rate each other’s profile, they are motivated to interact with each other. They become willing to review and rate each other thus giving your BuddyPress community more interactions and connectivity.

2. Increased Retention And Engagement

Increased user interactions will result in more user engagement and retention. Good reviews and feedbacks will make members engage more with other users which will increase their retention on the community.

3. More Popular Community

With member reviews, increased retention and engagement, your community will become popular among your users. With reviews the viral potential of your social network is high. This will improve your community’s popularity thus bring more and more members to your community.

4. Builds Trust

Getting online reviews on your website will also build a member’s on what they are sharing in the community. Moreover, honest reviews will also make your community look clean and reputable to outsiders.

Adding Member Review Feature To Your BuddyPress Community

Since you know the benefits of adding member review functionality to your website, let us now move forward with integrating this feature on your WordPress website. First thing you need to do is install and activate BuddyPress Member Reviews plugin. To install BP Member Reviews plugin on your BuddyPress website, see this guide on How To Install The Plugin?

Once, installed, you can configure its settings from Dashboard> Reviews> BP Member Review Settings. Here you can set your criteria and other settings.

1. General Settings:

Add Reviews to members Profile

These settings include enabling or disabling options to add review popup, auto approve reviews, email, notification options, most reviews to be shown at a page and selecting members to exclude from reviews.

2. Criteria:

Add Reviews to members Profile

You can enable this option if you want to allow members to be rated on the basis of criteria.

3. Display:

display BP Mmeber Reviews

This setting allows you to change labels of reviews from BuddyPress tabs and review form, set the color of rating and also lets you select rating template.

Add Reviews to members Profile

Once all your settings are configured, you can move forward with adding reviews for members.

add review

  1. When visiting the “/members” section in the site, go for single profile view page, there you can see a menu namely, “Reviews” that will allow you if you are a site member to add profile review. Once added, the review will be visible in a review tab on the member’s profile.

Displaying Member Reviews:

Displaying Member Reviews

This plugin also offers a widget which you can use to display a list of member reviews anywhere on the front-end. When you have successfully activated the plugin, you will find members review widget in the widget section.

We hope you found this article informative. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comments below!

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