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Make Your BuddyPress Community Fun And Engaging With BuddyPress Gamification Integration

BuddyPress Gamification Services

Engage your members in your social network by offering them points, badges, ranks, rewards, certificates and a lot more with BuddyPress GamiPress Integration. We make use of GamiPress, a free and open-source plugin offering multiple Gamification features. 

What we offer :

  • Out-of-box integration and styling With GamiPress plugin
  • Give Points, Ranks To Your Members
  • Rewards such as additional discounts To Encourage Members
  • Achievements After Completing Each Task
  • Awarding Badges And Certificates

Why Choose Us?

We have 5+ years of experience in developing WordPress themes with a 100% satisfaction rate. Our theme developers simply love WordPress and believe in delivering high-end solutions to transform your ideas into reality.

With us you will get:

  • An Innovative and Dedicated Team
  • Proper Expert Consultation
  • Unparalleled Quality Services
  • Uncompromised And Satisfying Support
  • Compliance With WordPress Standards
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