Create Social Learning | PeepSo LifterLms Integration

To create Social learning website wordpress you need a complete solution. In wordpress to create a social network on of the plugin,we have is PeepSo. To create a relearning solution we have LifterLms. Wbcomdesigns recently released a integration plugin to create a Social + learning environment.

PeepSo is a WordPress plugin that lets users create Social Network like community-based websites. This plugin is available for free as well as well as premium version. PeepSo has many features such as private messaging, adding friends, deleting friends etc. It also provides options to add widgets for user’s photos, videos, and friends. checkout Complete feature PeepSo


LifterLMS helps online course creators convert their expertise & life experiences into income by creating impactful courses. CheckOut Full features list LifterLms

PeepSo LifterLMS Integration | Create Social Learning

LifterLMS Student Dashboard page content will be added as custom endpoints on a user’s PeepSo profile.
Allow your students to share their progress with community members. It will help to create a competitive environment for them and learn more and share their achievements.

You will get the option to share your progress for Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, Certificates and Achievement as community activities.

Features of PeepSo LifterLMS Integration

  • Adds options for Courses inside individual profile
  • Adds options to enable Course activities inside PeepSo Community activities.
  • Community admin can manage which attributes will be used to create activity threads.
  • Simple option to customize your strings for new Courses, Lessons, Quizes, Certificates and Achievement inside activities.
  • Member can also enable/disbale their course activity sync from community activities.
  • Members have dedicated tabs to keep eye on their Courses, My Courses, Achievements, Certificates, Memberships, Notifications, Account, Redeem a Voucher, Order History

Plugin have following Endpoints

My Courses

    • My Achievements
    • My Certificates
    • My Memberships
    • Notifications
    • Edit Account
    • Redeem a Voucher

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