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Social Networks

When we consider social networking, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the main sites that come to our minds. but these most well-known sites do not represent the full extent of social networks that exist. Get familiar with the different options available for individuals to interface and connect with one another on social networking platforms.

1. Personal Websites

Your Internet Service gives free server space for you to build and create your own website and connect with friends and family members are one of the largest advantages of social networking platforms. This type of website is useful for friends, family, teenagers, grandparents, etc. to stay in touch with one another.

2. Social Connections

Staying in contact with friends, family members, and loved ones is the best advantage of social networking. here are the most generally utilized sites for building social connections online:


Facebook gives an approach to users to build social connections and share information with individuals and organizations they decide to connect online.
Facebook provides a way for users to build connections and share information with people and organizations they choose to interact with online.


Twitter is a microblogging system, you can choose to follow people and organizations with similar personal interests. Share your views and keep up with each other in an information network.


MySpace has advanced to concentrate on social entertainment and information, giving a view to social connections identified with the movie, music games and much more.

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3. Professional Websites

Professional social networks are intended to give chances to career-related growth. These types of social network platforms give a general gathering for professionals to connect and interact with one another, while others are focused on particular professions or interests. Here are some examples of professional social networking websites.


LinkedIn is a professional community website that helps to find the right job or internship for you and connect with people. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with approximately 660+ million users in more than 200 countries worldwide. Users have a chance to create links by making connections and joining related organizations.


Meetup is also a leading Professional Social Networking Platform that having an opportunity to build a connecting and joining people with mutual interests. Meetup helps users to find groups and meet people that get together to do the things they love.

4. Informational Websites

Informational communities are made of individuals looking for answers to everyday issues. There are some significant informational websites like wikipedia.org and online encyclopedia. It is a different kind of website because it provides visitors to add, share edit articles, you can also give the information to share or sell. For example: when you are considering a home improvement task or need to figure out how to become environmentally friendly at home, you may play out a web look and find endless blogs, sites, and forums with individuals who are searching for a similar sort of information.

5. Educational Websites

Educational social networks are growing extremely successful within the educational system today. where many students go in order to connect with other students and learners on educational projects and tasks to manage research for school or to communicate with professors and teachers through blogs and classroom conferences.
Here are some examples of educational social networking websites.

The Student Room

The Student Room is the UK based largest student community website that features a modified message board and useful resources related to school. They provide the ability to talk directly between brand and student.

The Math Forum

The Math Forum is the great educational community network created to connect students and learners with an interest in math, this website gives the possibilities for students to interact with teachers and professors by age group.

ePALS School Blog

This international social network website for students is created to build international connections to help world peace. There are multiple languages to connect easily with worldwide. You can join a community where learners connect with classrooms around the world.

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6. Academic

Academic researchers who need to share their research and views performed by collaborators may find academic social networking websites to be quite valuable.
Users of this academic social network can share their individual information and research and also follow other research as well as network professionally.

7. Blogging Websites

Blogging website helps you to create the right blogging platform for yourself. Blogging websites are more than just sites to post your latest ideas and thoughts. There are various great reasons to create a blogging website. You may need to prepare your writing skills, build your brand or utilize the marketing tools to improve website ranking. It’s also an excellent way to connect with like-minded people.

8. eCommerce Websites

eCommerce, stand for electronic commerce is the procedure of customer shopping online and managing their payment. Create an online store and sell their products over the Internet with the use of eCommerce websites. There are millions of companies that use their eCommerce websites to sell their goods and services online.

The eCommerce site interfaces with its database, which contains huge amounts of information about the site’s orders, items, measurements, and weight, pictures, and so on. The site needs this information to powerfully render any suggested website pages.

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These are some examples of the many chances to join in social media websites. The point that there are few ways to connect with people online can be quite interesting and useful, but it’s necessary to move with discretion. Remember that not every person who appears on social networking sites is always the person who pretends to be. closely secure your private information when you connect on social networking platforms of whatever kind of social activities you are handling.

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