Best Backup Plugins For WordPress

Backup Plugins

Now backup your entire website by installing best backup plugins for WordPress

Backup is necessary to overcome the loss of data

Backing up your data is necessary if you think that loss of your data will cause loss to your website. WordPress backup plugins are so advanced that they can automatically schedule backups for your database and even your entire website. Installing these backup plugins will ensure the security of data and freedom of work. These backup plugins allow you to send your data to a remote location such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3. Earlier it wasn’t possible and you were only allowed to store your backup files on your web server.

You can set up full, manual or scheduled backups of your website’s files including your database, plugins and themes. You don’t require technical knowledge for restoring your file once you install these plugins. These plugins also support various cloud storage options including Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3. With these plugins installed you can start repairing and optimizing your database. You also get 1GB of free Stash Live storage. Click on the link and get going. Say no to loss and backup your files instantly.

Best Backup Plugins For WordPress:

1. WordPress Backup & Security Plugin- BlogVault

If you seek a free solution offering automated WordPress backup services then install BlogVault. So far, 20,000+ sites have successfully installed this plugin and have got 4.3 ratings on the WordPress Plugin Repository. This plugin provides automated backups to Dropbox if it is the place where you store your files. You are required to do pre-setup and may need to spend time in managing and settling things. Install this plugin for a complete backup of your files and database and also this plugin provides real-time backups. The plugin includes automation options and can test backups before they are restored. You get 365 days rolling history of all backups.

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2. VaultPress

If you want to enhance the protection of your website then this is the best choice you got. This plugin has industry standard backup and restoration features plus promotes a smooth backup process within your website. The plugin has cloud storage which is a plus point for the security of your website. This plugin facilitates scanning of your files for your malicious content. Install this plugin. Install this plugin for a complete backup of your files and database and has a daily backup feature. Features include 30 days backup archive, one-click restore, regular analysis of potential security vulnerabilities, premium support, repairing of all security issues etc.

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3. BackWpup- WordPress Backup Plugin

If you are in pursuit of free WordPress backup plugin then install this plugin. The plugin lets you backup your site and also store backups on remote location such as Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud or even on your desktop or personal computer. The plugin has ready and easy to use interface to backup and restore plus promotes automated scheduling as per to your website update frequency.

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4. BackupBuddy

This is the budget-friendly and trustable plugin which is available in the market. Though it is not a free plugin but is reliable and budget-friendly. Talking about the premium tool then it is worth it. The plugin has a professional team and a forum for troubleshooting and resolving issues. You should install this plugin because of its license-based service. You will acquire a license for using the plugin for the total website you add in your plan. Once you get a license you will be entitled to support teams, regular updates and 1GB free cloud storage for the backup. Features include the ability for customizing a backup schedule, backup space on iThemes servers, ability to take manual backups and integrate migration tool etc.

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5. BackUpWordPress

This is the brilliant WordPress backup plugin and is popular because of total 200,000 installations so far. This is the best choice for scheduling your backup and stop thinking about it. Install this plugin for a complete backup of your files and database plus it works on shared hosting. You can schedule several back-ups and also send backups via email. This plugin works on Linux and Windows plus has a feature of customizable backup profile with exclusion options.

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6. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

It is one of the most popular free backup plugin helping users to create backups of their WordPress sites on the remote location such as Google Drive, Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox, and also through email. Performing fast restores, selecting specific files for backing up and downloading backup archives is possible once you install this plugin. If somehow your upload fails or is stopped during backup then it is configured to perform the upload again. You can get its premium version offering a host of advanced features. The plugin facilitates automated and scheduled backups plus has a feature of fast backup restoration.

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7. Duplicator- WordPress Migration Plugin

This plugin not only backs up your files but can copy your entire website. This is an advanced backup solution which has been installed on over one million sites and got 4.9 ratings at the official WordPress Plugin Repository. The process of migrating or cloning your sites has been simplified by this particular plugin which proves to be the best solution if you wish to rebuild your site on another host. This plugin is reliable and can be installed within minutes irrespective of any technical knowledge.

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8. WordPress Backup & Clone Master

Install this plugin for backing up your sites on-demand or on schedule with the backup available in a zip file. It is possible to then back up the entire website or even you can select files and database. You can start making a clone of your website on a new domain or even at new WordPress installation once you have installed this plugin. This plugin is available at a reasonable price if you wish to use some advanced features of backup.

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9. Backup My WP to Dropbox

You can start making a backup of your WordPress site which is one click away the moment you have installed this plugin. You can make up through WP Cron job for an automated scheduled backup. Once the backup is done, zip files will be automatically sent to the associated or connected Dropbox account and also you will be informed via email.

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10. Multi-Plugin Installer- Plugin Backup and Restore

This plugin saves your time by backing up your files instantly. You can use this plugin for creating backup archives that can be used on another site for installing multiple plugins with one click. The moment you install this plugin every plugin can be activated with one click. This plugin lets backup and creation of the archive to include every plugin or only selected plugin. This plugin is the master if you wish to safeguard your website from loss of data or hackers.

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More and more plugin will arrive but if the data is lost then you can suffer

It is true and noticeable that every day one or other plugin is evolving and is being introduced in the market. It is up to you which one is useful for your website. Some plugins are complete but some only offer limited features and ability. You can install any one of them for easily backing up your website or selected files. Click on the link mentioned and get going.

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