How To Build A Job Board For Your Website?

Build A Job Board For Your Website

With the Internet constantly transforming its approach and working on building new easy platforms that cater to various niches and professions, the recent addition to this growing base is a job board. Many websites on the internet offer compelling job boards that can help people look for potential jobs and filter the other options out to look for various job opportunities in a particular niche.

These job boards seem complex to build but on the contrary, are very simple to create and provide various job listings. According to the recent employer data analysis, approximately 70% of the world’s traffic is diverted to the mainstream job board websites that provide comprehensive job postings and have a wide list of work opportunities listed for people to work and apply with. In this article, we have highlighted how with the help of WordPress, people can build a job board for their particular niche.

What Is A Job Board?

Job Board

A job board is a virtual portal where employers and organizations can enter the potential details consisting of job opportunities for general people to seek a perfect candidate for the job. These job boards pack a lot of jobs catering to a wide variety of niches and are open to the public where people from all walks of life can apply to the jobs listed if they fit the requirement details listed by the employer.

The job boards have become quite popular and attract a lot of potential traffic where website admin can earn considerable revenue if the job board consists of a segregated and organized structure to make the listing search for employees much simpler and easier.

Benefits Of A Job Board

Job boards come quite handy for people who are looking for suitable jobs and the admin who is responsible to build a job board can also earn considerable revenue by hosting these paid ads or driving traffic to the website. The job board websites allow people to:

  • Have significant job listings and ads
  • Keep track of applications submitted
  • Employees can list the skill set with resume to seek better jobs
  • Create a profile and look out for jobs suitable for your needs and attitude.

How To Create A Job Board For Your WordPress Website?

Job board portals like Indeed and Glassdoor host a lot of potential job listings and have become quite popular with the masses and have become apt in delivering essential job postings to people. To make job boards like Indeed, users need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Select A Suitable Niche

Usually, job boards have a wide variety of listings but they are also quite hard to manage and can become complex quite soon considering the job board is serving so many niches. To get a hang of it first and by taking baby steps, let’s first focus on a particular niche that has the scope of numerous job listings and opportunities.

A particular niche that is famous in the market and has been pioneering the job industry by providing various listings and posting can be your industry and niche, to begin with. Also, try understanding the related aspects of the niche you’re building a job board on so that you may cover all its facets and aspects with ease and in an organized manner.

  • Partnering With Others

Partnering With Others

Partnering can be an effective method to use in a job board website where you can seek partnerships with other corporations and organizations to list all their job listings on your website. These organizations can be related to the niche that you have selected to build a job board on and can help boost your website with suitable traffic and attention.

  • Suitable Content

To make your job board much more extensive and data-driven, your website should have considerable data in the form of audio, video, infographics and potential employer details, information about companies and organizations to make the website more authentic and trusted in the eyes of the employer. You can also enrich the website with the community feature and also include forums where people can have discussions regarding job posting and can make the website more interactive and engaging.

  • Include Additional Features

A job board should always have an additional feature with the inclusion of engaging tools and data that can help boost the productivity of the website. Website admin should include:

  1. Engaging infographics
  2. Email inbox features with information-rich newsletters
  3. The algorithm that works in sync with job search and filters
  4. A quick search with a few keywords and data
  5. Filtered job posts according to data entered
  6. Make amendments to resume and portfolios
  7. Interaction via audio-video calls and messaging between employer and employee
  • Responsive Theme And Design

Theme And Design

A theme can do wonders for your job board website and can enrich your website with the presence of stunning visuals and graphics. A good design ensures a lasting impression on people and can help a website receive considerable traffic. To make a website visually appealing, a good WP theme that complements your website’s goals and features can always be downloaded from the WordPress archives to ensure a functioning job board website.

WP jb Manager Plugin

WP Job Manager is the best job board WordPress plugin suitable to display jobs on your website or blogs. It is an extremely easy-to-use WordPress plugin. You can list jobs and company-related information, expiry dates, and more. WP Job Manager comes with popular add-ons to integrate with WooCommerce store, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Facebook, and more.


  1. Add shortcode
  2. Flexible and Responsive
  3. User registration forms
  4. Upload new jobs
  5. Front-end job submission
  6. Developer-friendly code

How JobMate Theme Can Help You Build A Job Board Website?

Job Board Website

JobMate theme is one of the top-rated themes that work in sync with any job board WP website and can transform the website into a productive job board that can help people seek potential job listings with ease. JobMate is BuddyPress and BuddyBoss supported through which a website can have a community feature added to enhance its functionality. The theme also consists of LearnDash and WooCommerce integration for a complete marketplace and an online course selling feature to make a job board productive and versatile to use.

Notable Features

  • Advanced Live Search And Filter Option

With JobMate, job board websites can have an intriguing live search option where employers can seek job listings with an active filter option for better search results.

  • Multiple Job Listings Type

JobMate assists in providing an engaging view to a company’s job listings display with options such as Default View, Grid View, Card View, Grid View (Slider), and Card View (Slider).

  • Different Resume Listings

JobMate also offers three different ways through which an employee can list their resume in compelling designs portrayed in Default View, Grid View, Card View, Grid View (Slider), Card View (Slider) manner.

  • Resume Manager From WP

JobMate offers the unique facility of adding a resume manager plugin to built for WP manager which adds a resume builder option manageable from the WP plugin

  • GamiPress Integration

Social gamification via GamiPress enables the theme to have a job board website that lets the users have access to digital certificates, rewards, and benefits.

  • LearnDash and WooCommerce Integration

JobMate offers LearnDash and WooCommerce integration through which a job board website can seek conversion into a fully functional online marketplace as well as a platform to sell online academic or skill set enhancing courses and curriculum.

  • Open For Customization

The JobMate theme comes with an advanced theme customizer that lets the admin make necessary changes and tweaks in the design template and layout display to amplify the visual appeal of the website.

BuddyPress Job manager addon

BuddyPress Job Manager add-on extends the abilities of the WP job manager plugin and all its related extensions. It is a plugin that can make all the separation in your site from the others. The BuddyPress Job Manager add-on gives the capacity to deal with the job portal and numerous other customization alternatives to the client. Its advanced searching and sifting alternative option help job seekers and managers to filter the undesired sections. This feature upholds the two candidates and employees in getting what they need.


Job board websites are becoming more and more popular and provide a comprehensive approach when it comes to providing opportunities to people who are seeking jobs online. There is plenty of copies when it comes to online job portals and making them more urbane and contemporary can help the masses make extensive use of such job boards to seek valuable job opportunities and employment options.

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