How To Integrate BuddyPress Community In Your WooCommerce Store

BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration

Make sure your customers have a seamless experience and increase customers to visit your website by connecting with your WooCommerce shop with the BuddyPress community. Data from customers synchronized with Sync: Display the history of purchases, downloads for products, and much more in your BuddyPress profile pages for members. All relevant customer data is accessible in one location. Include websites from different WooCommerce extensions directly to your BuddyPress member profiles. BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration gives you a thorough overview of the engagement levels of your visitors and customers and allows you to run your website more effectively.

Benefits of using WooCommerce with BuddyPress Community

  • Simple to use, No configuration is required, Simply activate it. This is it!
  • Member data: Change your billing and shipping address directly on your profile as a member and access all your details in one spot
  • Checkout: Look for your cart on your profile on the member.
  • Purchase history: View your payment history, and then access the downloads you have downloaded from your profile as a member.
  • One purchase is visible in the member profile.
  • You can track your order on your account, using the order number.
  • Activity Stream Integration.
  • Stay up-to-date with your activity stream! Reviews, reviews, and other activities are written by your customers, or purchases from your customers are published on the stream.
  • The ability to manage notifications is available for members. can select whether they wish their reviews and purchases to be included on the Activity stream, or not.
  • Synchronization: It syncs all WooCommerce information with Your BuddyPress data. When you sign up for a brand new account using the checkout or input information such as your billing address or billing information. The plugin handles all the communications with WooCommerce with BuddyPress and will keep your data up-to-date.
  • Fallback save! If you disable BuddyPress due to a reason, or the user doesn’t wish to join, the plugin will default to the normal WooCommerce pages.

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BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration

BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration

It connects your WooCommerce store into the BuddyPress community to ensure an easy customer experience and boost engagement on your site.

BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin can help to connect WooCommerce to Buddypress. You can sell digital or physical items using WooCommerce on your community’s website. This plugin lets you manage your order via the profile pages. It creates WooCommerce tabs for the user’s profile page. The administrator will have the option to disable or enable the WooCommerce tabs according to their preference. appear on the page of the profile.

BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration Key Features

  • Administrators can easily disable or enable WooCommerce tabs that are displayed on the front-end of the profile of the member.
  • Admin has the power to change the label for WooCommerce tabs.
  • Administrators can also alter the slug for WooCommerce tabs.
  • Customers can access their shop details through their BuddyPress profile page only.
  • Customers can track their purchases on their profile by entering an order number and details.
  • Users can easily enter the delivery address as well as the billing information.

BuddyPress WooCommerce Integration Backend Settings

Visit the WordPress Dashboard, click on WooCommerce plugins from WB > BuddyPress Integration plugin settings. In BuddyPress, you’ll see all the settings for general, label settings, and settings for the activity for the plugin.

General Setting

General Setting

The general settings give authority for the administrator to enable or deactivate tabs for shopping, ordering tracker tab for orders downloads tab, address tab, and my reviews tabs to appear in the front-end of the profile of the user.

Label Settings

Label Settings

This will allow the administrator to alter the label and slug for every tab, which includes shop tabs as well as other WooCommerce tabs such as orders, order tracking downloads, my review, and address tabs in this setting.

Activity Setting

Activity Setting

The Activity setting permits the administrator to disable or enable the review and product settings. By default, these settings are activated, meaning that when a user will make a product or review a product, then, at that point, the movement will be generated. If Admin does not want to initiate the movement, then just click this box to deactivate the setting.

WooCommerce Tabs

The BuddyPress WooCommerce integration plugin offers the Shop tab that can appear on the front-end on the profile of the member.

Shop tab

Shop tab

The shop tab shows the products listed on the profile page of the user to let users purchase the product directly from their profile page.

This tab provides the four subtabs:

  • Orders
  • Order tracking
  • Downloads
  • Addresses
  • My reviews

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1. Orders Subtab

Orders Subtab

This tab displays all the orders with the order ID, order date, order status, and the total amount.

2. Orders Tracking Subtab

Orders Tracking Subtab

Customers can track their purchases by entering the invoice email and order ID. Customers can keep track of their previous orders by visiting the profile page of the user, clicking on the shop tab and then the order tracking tab, and entering the order ID and the Billing Email information. This helps display your order information, along with the billing address, as well as the order status.

3. Address Subtab

Address Subtab

4. Downloads Subtab

Downloads Subtab

This tab displays all the downloads. Users can also browse the product from here.

5. My Reviews Subtab

My Reviews Subtab

This tab displays all reviews posted by the user. My review tab appears synced with the tab for product reviews. When a user does write feedback, the review will be displayed in this tab.

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With the assistance of This BuddyPress WooCommerce integration plugin, you can easily integrate your WooCommerce store to the BuddyPress community to ensure an easy customer experience and boost engagement on your site. If you’re looking to design your website then you can make use of our fantastic Free WordPress theme BuddyX that will help you create your site for any kind of niche. For more advanced features, you can make use of our BuddyX Pro and Reign Theme.
I hope this article will help you integrate these incredible features into the design of your WordPress website. If you have any questions, you have, feel free to leave a comment below.

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