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If the digital world is home to your content and you haven’t tried WordPress, you’re missing out.

A popular tool, WordPress allows users to create their website with ease. It’s no surprise that this became the go-to for most online users, with its effortless coding and design features.

Yet, despite being developed for the not-so-savvy, the interface can be quite intimidating. But if it’s your first time trying it out, don’t fret. Everyone starts as a beginner. Here are five essential tips to help you efficiently set up your WordPress account.

Pick a clean and simple theme


Your website’s theme is the first thing people will notice when they open your page. And their first impression is the ultimate decision driver: Whether to stay on the page or exit the window.

When designing, we suggest going for a clean and simple theme. Aim for visually appealing yet easy-for-the-eyes. This will allow your visitors to focus on your content.

Limit your plugins

Plugins are an excellent way to add functions to your website that aren’t readily available in WordPress, such as contact forms or live chats. It’s tempting to pour out all the cool widgets you can find, but it’s best not to do so. Plugins consume code space and may cause your website to slow down. We suggest choosing only those which are 100 percent crucial for your business goals.

Additionally, plugins carry security risks because anyone can create these. Before installing, try checking online forums for reviews on credibility.

Clean your permalinks

When you post content, WordPress automatically creates a string of random letters and assigns that as your permanent link. Most of the time, these are random characters that look cluttered on your URL bar. Apart from that, default permalinks aren’t SEO-friendly.

Try using related words to compose your permalink. A neat URL is a good indication of a well-maintained website. You can clean up this structure with WordPress, under Settings. For best results on SEO, we suggest using the Post Name Setting.

The set featured images for every blog post

Featured images are thumbnail images that appear on your blog posts and wherever you link them, such as to other websites or social media platforms. It would help always to set featured images for every blog post.

Aside from making your content more visual and attractive to readers, your overall site will look more appealing and updated. This will encourage your readers to browse and explore your website.

Add analytics tools

Analytics tools help you check your website’s success and other broken-down data, such as the traffic sources. These can provide you insight on visitor interaction, as well as information on which pages work and which pages don’t.

If you’re planning to use your website for business, analytics tools are a wise investment. The best and easiest tool is Google Analytics, which allows you to view the data straight from your dashboard.

Now that we’ve laid all these down, you’re ready to start creating your website through WordPress. Remember all the tips we’ve mentioned above so you can maximize the features and get the most out of your website!

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