How To Add Quotes To BuddyPress Website?

Add Quotes To BuddyPress Website

Do you want to give your members the ability to add quotes on their social networking website? Quotes can prove to be very engaging for your community website as they can make your community look beautiful and go viral in no time. Today, we will tell you how you can add quotes to the BuddyPress community website.

Reasons To Use Quotes On Your Social Network

Quotes are often that information, inspirations, image-worthy and sometimes humorous lines or snippets that you might see all the time on social media.
Social networking accounts like Facebook or Instagram offer features to post quotes as status updates or stories. Such quotes are really informative as they offer the followers desired content that is informative, positive, humorous, or inspirational and a lot more.

In the world facing a lot of negativity, people desire content that makes them feel good. And what’s better than such motivational and positive quotes that can make one day.
Here are the reasons why you need to use quotes to use on your social network:

1. Quotes are brief and easily consumed. They can say a lot in just a few words.
2. Quotes can arouse emotional response as people connect with quotes when they feel them be relatable or inspirational.
3. Quotes improve your site’s traffic and can make your activity go viral. Beautiful quotes are always engaging and tend to improve user interaction.
4. Quotes make easy visuals as an image with a beautiful background as users process images faster than text-only posts.
5. Quotes are also educational and informational as they can be an incredible way to convey information and educate others about something.

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Adding Quotes Feature To Your BuddyPress Website

For this, you will be required to install BuddyPress Quotes plugin which is a dedicated BuddyPress add-on and allows you to let users post their activity updates with interactive backgrounds selection such as colors and images. You can install and activate BuddyPress Quotes plugin. If you also want to add status and moods to your community website, see our guide on How To Add Status And Moods To BuddyPress Website?

Once the plugin is activated, you can configure its backend settings by navigating Dashboard> WB Plugins > BP Quotes.

Here you will find General settings which include:

Add Quotes To BuddyPress Website

Quotes Background Images: This setting allows you to upload quotes background images that you want to be shown.

Quotes background color: This allows you to add background color that he wishes to display in the frontend.

Frontend posting

BuddyPress quotes

You can add quotes from the frontend by navigating to your Activity section. When you will update a post, you will get images and colors available which you can select while posting updates.

See the plugin live in action:

Get BuddyPress Quotes Today

We hope you found this article informative. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comment section below.

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